Bethel men’s hockey wins 2-1 to earn split

BLAINE, MINN. – Bethel men’s hockey coach Chris McKelvie said he expected Friday night’s game against St. John’s University to be close. That’s exactly what it ended up being. The Royals had to grind all game long in their 2-1 win over the Johnnies at Bethel University Arena at the National Sports Center in front of an attendance of 522 to earn the series split after falling 4-1 against them a night earlier. “It was good from a standpoint of we just were pretty resilient,” McKelvie said. “We

Men’s basketball team unable to make comeback

Bethel coach Zach Filzen slammed his whiteboard on the glossy wooden floor of Si Melby Hall Gymnasium during a timeout in a game at Augsburg University Tuesday. Just previously, Augsburg had the ball on the line for a free throw with 16 minutes left in a close contest in the first half. During the second shot, Bethel’s Caden Boettcher went up for the rebound, but could not secure it, losing the ball out of bounds, giving the ball back into Auggies hands. The inbounder for Augsburg tossed it in

From overseas to ‘in net’

Military kid Izzy Smith faces her unexpected role as goalkeeper head on, just as she takes life head on. Junior goalkeeper Izzy Smith punted the soccer ball halfway across the field at Ona Orth Athletic Complex less than three minutes into the game, hoping to start Bethel’s soccer team off with possession. St. Catherine’s defense took possession right away, bringing the ball back like a boomerang. The ball slid across the dewy grass, aiming for the right corner. “Keeper!” Smith yelled as the ba

IDK Column

Vanna Contreras has no idea what she’s doing I have a confession: I don’t know what I’m doing. Truthfully, my calm, carefree personality is really me, just me trying to live every single day with purpose. I believe life is too short. I don’t know how to butterfly swim. When I try to replicate the swim, I just end up flopping and thrashing in the water awkwardly. Breathing in water is not the ideal way to breathe. Why are clothing patterns so confusing? I just stick to a black and white color

Honesty: The Artistic One

A fifth grader finds her passion for dancing and drawing. Honesty’s nerves were about to get the best of her. Inside, she felt the pressure of things going wrong because she realizes that she did not have enough room to do her performance in her normal setting. She moves outside, the change of scenery seems daunting to the 10-year-old girl. She takes a deep breath as she takes the stage, where her dance will come to life. The Maxfield fifth graders were participating in a school talent show De

Nonprofit provides gardens for highly polluted neighborhood

Frogtown Green founder Patricia Ohmans is dedicated to her St. Paul neighborhood’s health. In 2008 Patricia Ohmans lived just down the road from an empty 13-acre lot on Minnehaha Avenue that had just been put up for sale by a nonprofit, she had an idea. Using a napkin, her friends wrote out their details for an organic farm with her. So with help from the neighbors, donations bought the land at $4.5 million and gave it to the City of St. Paul to be used as a park. Ohmans had found a new calling

Cornhole brings dorms together

For the first time in homecoming history, Bethel women competed in cornhole after Bethel men showed their skills on the dance floor Thursday night. “Eye of the Tiger” blared through the speakers at the Sports and Recreation Center as the women of Bethel University took their turn at winning points for the homecoming cup Thursday night. The first session of teams started walking in at 7 p.m. to gear up for the classic Minnesota game; cornhole. The competition replaced other sports events that w

‘It’s all about togetherness and community’

On Sept. 24, United Cultures of Bethel subgroup Voz Latinx hosted an event celebrating Latinx Heritage Month. This year’s theme was “For The Ones,” honoring people who have inspired and encouraged members of the Latinx community. The event featured speakers and performers inside and outside of the Bethel community who came together to celebrate their Latinx heritage. One of the performers was high school student Victor Ramirez, who did a freestyle rap about his experiences as a Chicano man liv

Jay’s last day

Bethel community members lined Bethel Drive Tuesday, holding signs and banners in honor of Jay Barnes’ last day as president after 25 years. Despite on-campus regulations due to the coronavirus, BSG organized a last good-bye surprise for the Barnes.’ Around 100 people came wearing masks and cheering as a golf cart rolled by with the Barnes couple. Barnes said in an email Wednesday that he and his wife Barb would be moving to a townhouse three miles from Bethel and his email address will remain